Friend of AMA DFW is a temporary designation for marketing professionals whose memberships in the AMA DFW expire during a time when they are not fully employed. This can occur several ways, but the most common would be someone who loses his/her job and then his/her membership runs out. We know that financial hardships during a transition can make attending events with the AMA DFW prohibitive at a time when you need to be there the most. This program will offer financial support to members in transition so they can attend local AMA DFW events and enhance their professional connections while they seek employment.

When a Friend of AMA DFW becomes employed, this special discount will continue until the six months maximum has been reached. He/She then would need to join the AMA at regular rates in order to receive full member benefits and discounts.

  • This is not a temporary membership in the AMA DFW but rather a temporary reduction of fees for AMA DFW events.
  • Friends of AMA DFW receive member prices for all AMA DFW events. Some events the AMA DFW sponsors or promotes for other organizations may not have a discount available.
  • This special agreement is available to AMA DFW members whose memberships run out during a time of unemployment. There cannot be more than 60 days gap in membership from the time they apply for Friend of DFW status and the time their memberships ended.
  • This temporary designation is for a six month maximum from the time this status is approved.
  • Friend of AMA DFW status must be approved by the membership team before any discount is received.
  • Friends of AMA DFW are not eligible for national benefits such as AMA publications, access to IH resources or member special offers and are not eligible to vote in any AMA DFW or AMA calls for votes.
  • A Friend of AMA DFW is NOT eligible to volunteer because he/she is not a member. We want you to focus on your job search and consider volunteering once you are fully employed.
  • This status does not apply to Young Professionals, Academic or Student Memberships.

NOTE: Once approved, you should sign up for AMA DFW events as a “Member” and our registration team will know you are a Friend of AMA DFW and allow the discount.

Download the Friend of AMA DFW application.