Using Digital Analytics To Drive Marketing Campaigns – AMA DFW Oct 2018

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Moderated by Brad B McCormick, AMA DFW President

Jennifer D. Guibert, Sr. Manager, Marketing Analytics, JCPenney
Andrew Milner, Digital Marketing Manager, Chili’s Bar & Grill
Kevin Jemison, Senior Technical Consultant, Adobe Analytics
Jordan Johnson, Sr Manager, Marketing Technology, Southwest Airlines

Using Digital Analytics to Drive Marketing Campaigns

Marketers know the importance and impact that digital analytics and insights can have on campaign strategy. But all too often even the best marketers can be intimidated by the sheer volume and variety of data coming from their digital channels and aren’t always sure how to use it to inform and drive campaign strategy. Often there is a gap between the digital marketer and the digital analyst. This panel discussion’s objective is to start closing that gap

Extracting the right insights to inform campaign strategy

Using digital analytics to test campaign tactics and how to view the results

Understanding analytics across the different digital platforms and what to be aware of

How to use tag management and A/B testing to develop marketing strategy

Post campaign analysis tips