March 2022

“Brandon Hollands is such a motivated and enthusiastic member as part of the AMA DFW communications team. He comes to the table with new ideas and creative approaches that help keep our social media channels fresh and engaging. He’s done a wonderful job combining his social media support role with his Mentor Program involvement to build a campaign that powerfully communicates the benefits of this very important Chapter initiative. By spearheading content like #MentorMonday and #TestimonialTuesday, he’s really put a “face” to the program and its value to our members. Thank you for all you do, Brandon!”

Melissa Chadwick
EVP of Communications

Brandon Hollands is a marketing coordinator with Metro Auto Auction. His marketing experience also includes two years as a promotion assistant with iHeart Radio. Brandon has been involved in the AMA DFW Chapter for many years, previously as EVP of Membership, and now as a volunteer on the communications team and as a protege in the AMA Mentor Program.


February 2022

“Belinda and Andy have been invaluable volunteers serving to plan, execute and participate in the Mentor program as mentors. We are so lucky to have them and really all our volunteers (including Michelle Green) who help run this meaningful program. They too were protégées in the program and now are stepping up to keep the program going and thriving.”

Julie Haworth
EVP Collegiate Relations & Mentor Protégé


Belinda Southgate

Belinda Southgate began her marketing career within the private education sector in the United Kingdom. She crossed the pond in 2013 to head up the launch of an education start-up and ended up loving Texas so much that she decided to stay! The AMA DFW Mentor Program played a huge role in making her transition to the world of U.S. business a smooth one. After joining the mentor program as a protege in 2015, Belinda went on to become a mentor herself and has been a key member of the volunteer team until this day. Belinda’s expertise encompasses all aspects of strategic business, brand, digital, e-commerce, and marketing campaign development, and is known for her ability to recruit and train high-impact sales and marketing teams.

Alongside marketing, Belinda is also a yoga instructor and coach. Yoga and coaching both give her the opportunity to help other people find their power and purpose. From supporting people in building body awareness and developing a more mindful approach to life, to mentoring professionals through career transition and enhancement, seeing people achieve their goals makes Belinda tick!

Andy Schwartz

Andy began his marketing career in Australia before making the move to the United Kingdom in 2011 and ultimately the United States in 2015. Andy joined the AMA DFW Mentor program as a protege in 2015, ultimately becoming a mentor and program volunteer. Andy is currently a Senior Product Marketing Manager at EverCommerce and co-founder of WorkFeel, an innovative HR tech start-up. Andy’s experience encompasses go-to-market, sales enablement, competitive intelligence, channel marketing and international market development. Outside of marketing, Andy is a keen amateur pilot and enjoys international travel.