CMO Advisory Council

Studies from McKinsey indicate that the role of the Chief Marketing Officer is “proliferating.” While the tenure of these most senior marketing executives is not growing longer, the challenges are deepening and the decisions they face are increasingly complex. The job description of Chief Marketing Officers and their control of the total marketing function and organizational brand vary widely.

At the same time, customers come to make buying choices better informed than ever before due to the growth of information sources. Companies segment their customers into smaller communities, and the technology exists to support true communities among them. And finally, more choices exist today for reaching these buyers, and the investment decisions for CMOs are more complex.

As a result, the DFW Chapter of the American Marketing Association created the CMO Advisory Council to:

  • Provide a stimulating environment and information leading to open discussion of the key organizational growth issues facing CMOs and their organizations under the current business climate. Through these roundtables, information on trends, best practices, tools, strategies and lessons learned will be shared.
  • Broaden interaction between marketing leadership across industries, share insights and questions, foster creative and productive thinking.
  • Build awareness of marketing challenges and best practices and broader professional development to enhance the knowledge of marketing professionals and raise the performance level of marketing across North Texas.

Membership in the AMA DFW CMO Advisory Council is by invitation only. If you would like to be considered, please complete the form below.

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