American Marketing Association – Dallas/Fort Worth, Partnering with Tomorrow’s Marketing Leaders & Professionals

As the AMA DFW chapter continues to expand, it’s important that we associate with the best and brightest marketing minds at our area colleges and universities. This means connecting with faculty and administration at all levels, but especially students engaged in all aspects of a marketing education in any number of disciplines.

Too often, students underestimate the power of an organization like the AMA and see it as just another “club” to join. A place to pass some time, enjoy some free pizza and soda at meetings, and basically,go through the motions until the thought of graduation looms on the horizon. Then it becomes an all out “blitz” to make connections and hopefully connect with any and all sources to get a job.

The AMA is about leadership. It’s about honing your skills to the point that you’re better than your competition. And, it’s about building your network now, before you need it, so when the thought of graduation and a future career enters the equation, you’re tapping the numerous contacts you’ve made over your collegiate career.

That’s what the AMA DFW is about and we invite you to reap the many benefits of membership by joining this outstanding organization. But remember, anyone can join, but it’s the future leaders of tomorrow who go one step further and get involved.

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