Mentor Program

Whether you’re a talented, proven, seasoned Marketer who has a passion for guiding our local up and coming marketers … OR you’re a bright new Marketer looking for a coach to navigate your career … YOU BELONG HERE!

The AMA DFW is dedicated to helping marketers in all stages of their careers grow. Sometimes this “growth” can mean giving back. Our Mentor program does both by matching marketers who are looking for career coaching with seasoned marketing executives in the DFW area. Twenty-five Protégés are accepted into the eight-month program that begins each year in September and ends in June.

What to Expect

Applications for Mentors and Protégées are accepted for review starting in early July. All applicants are interviewed and are then accepted into the program based on several factors:

  • Interests – Does the mentor have relevant experience in a variety of marketing disciplines to provide direction on career goals, industry and work focus?
  • Attitude – Does the Protégé have the ambition and drive to fully participate in the program for the entire term, and drive their success through the program offerings?
  • Location – can both applicants meet regularly in-person within the DFW Metroplex?

This is an exclusive program within the AMA DFW. Protégés benefit from one-on-one mentoring from director and above marketing executives throughout the term of the program. In addition, there are four main events that help further the group participants in their marketing career.

Program Results

  • Networking – establish a great, relevant base for ongoing networking. The relationships that develop through this program never end. Mentors and Protégés keep in touch for years after the program year is completed.
  • Learning – Mentors present their personal experience and career observations on topics picked by the Protégés at group events through a panel discussion. These insights into the next stage of your career help you grow while avoiding the pitfalls.


Mentors Qualifications and Requirements

  • Mentors must work and live in the Greater DFW area and have 7+ years of professional marketing experience.
  • Mentors are executive level marketers. Titles such as director and above are considered.
  • Mentors must be willing be sharing their experiences, giving advice and provide teachable moments.
  • Mentors must be available to meet with their Protégé on an individual basis (at least once a month).


Protégé Qualifications and Requirements

  • Protégés are currently employed within the DFW area.
  • Protégés have 1 to 7 years of experience under the marketing umbrella.
  • Protégés will drive their experience and arrange to meet at least once a month with their Mentor.
  • Protégé is willing and able to fund the Participation Fee of $50 for Non-AMA members, $0 for AMA members

There are a limited number of Scholarship places available at 50% discount. Please reference this in your application if you would like to be considered.


To Apply

We will be accepting applications until 10/31/22. The program will kick off in November.


For Protégés – AMA_Protégé_Application

For Mentors – AMA_Mentor_Matching Form


Please contact



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Participant Feedback

“I think it’s a great program, both for Mentors and Protégés. It’s a unique way to develop new cross-generational relationships and to learn from one another.” – Mentor

I learned a lot from [my mentor] about many different topics related to not just marketing, but working with creative agencies, writing a solid creative brief, and thinking of new ways to do things in a traditional organization… There is nothing better than having the chance to collaborate with someone who has done everything in marketing and will share expertise!” – Protégé

“[The Mentor Program] is well run and well organized with thought behind the events and a program that allows seasoned professionals to efficiently give their time and talent to support, encourage and counsel up-and-coming professionals.” – Mentor