Executive Luncheon: Content that converts in 2023

Marketers have just a split moment to capture an audience’s attention, which is why short-form video has become an important component of the marketing mix. Panelists Natalie Draeger, Christina Miralla, and moderator Tim Welsh recently double-clicked on this topic (among others) during our February Executive Luncheon. In case you missed the event, here are some of their top insights and best practices. 

Choose your platforms wisely

From TikTok to Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts, content creators are faced with several options. However, keep in mind what’s feasible for your organization. For example, security concerns could mean certain platforms are a non-starter, especially for companies in the B2B space.

Offer a unique, approachable perspective 

People don’t engage with brands—they engage with other people. Content that tells more of a story and showcases what’s different about the people and personality behind the brand is what gains the most traction with audiences today. Authenticity and approachability are cornerstones of building trust with your audiences.  

Hook them early and keep it short

It’s clear that attention spans have become much more limited, so hooking viewers in the first few seconds is a must or they will simply move to the next. From a platform perspective, keeping it under 60 seconds is the crucial line for discovery if you want to be shown in every round for your business for your niche.  

Don’t be scared of unpolished content 

There’s a bit of debate on how polished short-form video content should be. On the one hand, corporate or luxury brands want to portray a certain “flawless” image. And let’s face it, sometimes getting senior leadership on board with the unpolished approach can be a real challenge. On the other hand, viewers on these platforms are looking for authenticity. The panel agreed that unpolished is the way to go, noting that the real value of these platforms is the ability to show the “real” nitty gritty behind the story or brand.

Consistency is key

Posting two or three videos a week pushing for conversion or hitting viewers over the head with a call to action won’t take you viral. In reality, it’s the people that are posting regularly—three to five a day—that start to build traction and create a sense of community. The need for consistency and content product speed is another reason why unpolished content is the way to go. 

Stepstone to longer-form content 

Will a B2B buyer purchase on the spot after watching a video? Likely not. But it can be a good first step in the overall buyer journey. Once you have your audience hooked, consider ways to drive them deeper into your brand’s story. This could look like a landing page with longer-form resources like a case study or whitepaper. 

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