Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are communities of AMA DFW members who are interested in sharing ideas, knowledge, and experience with others in their field of interest. The SIGs are formal groups organized around a common interest area, offering the opportunity for ongoing interaction among professionals.

The value of the SIGs include:

  • Presentations by and discussion with industry experts that help keep you current with trends in your area of marketing.
  • A forum of marketing professionals who can help with idea generation or benchmarking ideas.
  • Internet-based discussion groups that offer opportunities to interact with your peers nationwide for concept sharing, learning and networking.
  • Resources and references when you are searching for information.

SIG events are scheduled two to three times a year.

Check the AMA DFW calendar for more details on upcoming events and click here if you’d like to investigate SIG sponsorship opportunities.



Branding issues, challenges, trends, and process. Both B2B and B2C topics are covered throughout the year.
Contact sig@amadfw.com for details about meetings and sponsorship opportunities.
This SIG meets at AMS Pictures. Join the Branding & Strategy SIG LinkedIn Group @ Branding & Strategy SIG LinkedIn Group


Discuss marketing issues and opportunities related to marketing to Urban and Ethnic market segments. Target attendees include large and small companies with product or service offerings designed to reach a multi-cultural market within the United States, marketing consultants and advertising agencies serving clients with urban and ethnic customers. Contact sig@amadfw.com for information. Join this SIG’s LinkedIn Group @ Multi-Cultural Marketing SIG LinkedIn Group


New Media and its effect on the marketing mix is the key focus of this group. Web 2.0 has changed the way we market along with other new technologies. Contact sig@amadfw.com for details and sponsorship opportunities. Join this SIG’s LinkedIn Group @ New Media SIG LinkedIn Group


Discuss marketing issues, resources and tools which are unique to Non-Profit organizations. Target attendees: Those working for Non-Profit organizations, vendors, agencies and marketing consultants serving the Non-Profit market and individuals with an interest in “Cause Marketing”. Contact sig@amadfw.com for details about the next meeting or sponsorship opportunities. Join this SIG’s LinkedIn Group @ Non-Profit SIG LinkedIn Group


Research tools & methodology in relation to marketing. Focused on ROI and how to communicate ROI internally to justify resources and measure marketing campaign success. Attendees are research professional from large and small companies, business managers who require research to make decisions and measure effectiveness of marketing efforts and vendors who provide research tools and services. Contact sig@amadfw.com. You can join the LinkedIn Group for this SIG @ Marketing Research SIG LinkedIn Group


Building a community of healthcare and marketing professionals interested in networking with their peers, educating one another on industry trends and sharing creative marketing strategies. Target audience: includes marketing professional working in the Healthcare industry, vendors, agencies and marketing consultants serving Healthcare providers and/or companies within the Healthcare industry. Contact sig@amadfw.com for details and sponsorship opportunities. Sign up for this SIG’s LinkedIn Group @ Heathcare SIG LinkedIn Group


This SIG focuses on helping our members in transition by covering topics that include writing a great resume, personal branding, top interviewing techniques and networking tips. Topics also cover generational marketing to addressing the skills required to get the top marketing jobs. Target attendees: all members looking to expand their general knowledge. Contact sig@amadfw.com for details. Join this SIG’s LinkedIn Group @ Prof Developlment SIG LinkedIn Group.


Providing marketing strategies and support for small and medium- businesses in the DFW area — those involved in the marketing and communications field as well as those outside the field who need marketing assistance. Target attendees: members are SMB entrepreneurs, SMB marketing professionals, advertising & marketing agencies and technology application providers serving this market. Contact sig@amadfw.com for details. Join this SIG’s LinkedIn Group @ Small/Medium Business LinkedIn Group


Discuss challenges and opportunities for marketing telecom & technology services in today’s environment of constant change and blurred markets. Target attendees: members are marketing professionals working for wireline, wireless, cable and broadband service providers, technology application providers, marketing consultants and advertising agents serving the Telecom & Technology industry. Contact sig@amadfw.com for details. Join this SIG’s LinkedIn Group @ Telecom SIG LinkedIn Group